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 Start a battle

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PostSubject: Start a battle   Thu Jul 06, 2017 9:01 pm

So you're interested in battling?

First make sure you have all the following

* At least one hero

* At least one battle partner

* A experience of at least 50 Dollars (Will not be taken)

If so your ready to go!
Just follow the steps below
Have you and your partner(s) Sign the following application below.

You may battle in 2 v 2 and 3 v 3, and so on, but all members participating MUST fill the following Applications, and send it to a Administrator in the SAME day. Or it may cause suspicion come prepared...

Your results will be shared publicly...
You will be put on a waiting list.

Thank you for your understanding



What do you expect as a prize;

Partner(S) if one;

Battle Partner(S);

Positive Participate;

Heroes you are using; (We can check what heroes you have, in the history log, only use the ones YOU OWN)

Please make sure you ARE able to attend on that certain day,
everybody must be able to participate or it will be rescheduled or CANCELED!

If the date given is not suitable for all users, please ask for a date change...
or talk it over with your partners

Thanks a bunch


I love you
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Start a battle
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